Friday, June 04, 2004

So we're about to head upstairs for bed, when Alex wakes up screaming. Howling. Like there's a giant fire ant at the foot of his bed making funny faces at him or something. We usually just let him be, a little crying and he falls asleep again, but this time his crying is insistent, somewhat urgent, a little different. My wife finally goes in there and smells the stinkiest of stinky diapers, and Number Two had taken its toll.

He's actually been changed and fed a little now, but he's still letting off the occasional howl. My wife seems to think that it's pretty odd to be sleeping one moment, and then be pooping the next. Suddenly you wake up and you smell, and there's a general squishiness in your shorts that ain't right - I suppose something like that would make me cry as well.

Okay, here's storytime. We debated about sharing this on the blog, but since it's actually an amusing anecdote, we'll risk embarassing our daughter. My mom and my cousin have pretty strong accents, and my accent switches on and off, depending on who I'm talking to. I likely use my American accent to talk to my cousin, but my Singaporean accent will always be back for my mom. Don't know why. Perception of what my personality has to be when I'm interacting with certain people, I suppose.

Anyway, the core of the story is that our daughter goes up to my wife, and tells her that she thinks she's picked up a little bit of an accent. From my mom and cousin staying over for the weekend. She then corrects herself and says that it might just be a slight accent.

Goes to show, everybody does wanna be like me.

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