Monday, April 18, 2005

Sometimes, when I lose faith in myself as a filmmaker, something bizarre and out of the blue happens. Then I'm okay with myself a little longer. This is an email I got when I was on vacation.

I just stumbled across your short film "Authorship" and it was
wonderful! I am writing because we are having our annual copyright symposium
in June, titled " Pirates, Thieves and Innocents:
Perceptions of Copyright Infringement in the Digital Age", and we would
like to show your short film to introduce one of the panel discussions.
Please see the material for the symposium linked here-

The symposium will include topics such as:
>> P2P file sharing: pirates or revolutionaries?
>> Culture or copyright: a creative clash?
>> Copyright infringement: what universities need to know
>> The copyright legislative landscape
>> Responses to copyright infringement at university campuses

I would very much like to talk to you further. Please feel free to
call me or e-mail me in return. Thank you for your consideration.

-Olga Francois
Sr. Research Librarian
Center for Intellectual Property,
University of Maryland University College

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