Tuesday, March 18, 2003

So, it looks like war will be coming down upon Americans, and our baby could be born in the middle of a war. There's another reason why the world will hate America. Seems like we're a country who was the favorite son of the world, winning the world over with our charming personality and our good looks, but we're becoming the spoilt little brat that will meet a demise that we have manufactured. But enough political rantings, I just hope that the baby will never have to experience any of the images on TV. Too young to know about war, because the baby has to learn about love first.

FC felt the baby move a bunch yesterday, and I was wondering if it was possible to hear the baby. So I got my video equipment out, and the mics to see if I could pick up any gurgling sound or the like. All I found out was that if you still a wireless mic in FC's bellybutton, the speakers will screech in some weird form of feedback, so that wasn't very exciting.

I started petting FC's tummy and talking to it, and sometimes it does occur to me that if someone talked to my leg and petted it, I would be weirded out. Slightly.

The preparations for the mini-wedding is getting to be a major thing. On top of trying to fit people in the house, I've got to worry about people with no transportation possibly coming from Renton and Redmond, and also have to worry about working at 5 in the freaking A.M. the next day after the wedding. That's not fun. But I can't really ask for it off because 2 weeks after this, we're going to Vegas and that's asking for a favor too.

FC is a sweetie. I downloaded Kenny Loggins' "Return to Pooh Corner" for her and she was really enjoying it, and then started to cry a little. Then I felt bad for downloading it because I was such a bully. But she likes that song for the baby.

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