Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Sorry for the few days of delay there, a bit of work and other assorted weirdness came up.

Today we went to the doctor's, but not so much for the baby, really, but related to the baby because she had to see about an infection that could have affected the baby. FC also found out that her weight stayed the same despite the baby getting bigger, so she was a little miffed at the fact that she hasn't gained any weight. She also got a little sick today from drinking too much water at the doctor's office, so I was feeling a little bad for her all day. But we had a rather good day together, running errands and making little purchases towards our wedding on Saturday.

Among the purchases:

A blue dress shirt and nice little tie - for me to wear on my wedding day, a contrast to FC's dress.

Some bluish dress shoes - FC bought these after I made assorted weird comments when she tried on heels. I've always seen her in sneakers and that's all right with me. Seeing her wear heels was kinda odd. And I didn't want her to suffer in her heels anyway.

An iron and ironing board - to iron my shirt. I have an iron, but this one had a squirt gun and steam launcher attached to it. It will now kill many insects.

Cake- ordered a huge cake from Costco. Bought plastic silverware too.

Lasangna - both meat and veggie. We got it because I didn't know how to spell it, and needed something to refer to.

I don't really know where the day when, but we were just scouring the city of Bellingham. We both started an account at the Industrial Credit Union, both saving accounts so that we could possibly refinance our debts. Dealing with our future already. Seems like everywhere we went today, I was telling everyone that we were getting married. It could be that my vision is clearing up, and it's starting to be a positive feeling? I don't know....

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