Thursday, March 20, 2003

Did something I didn't think I was capable of doing today, being totally responsible and self-motivated. I called a few officiants (grudgingly, I hate cold-calling anyone) and when I got my first price quote, I was a little shocked. He charged 100 bucks. Which, in all reality, isn't too bad considering that he does what he does... Anyway, I called a church and then I sought it out, and met with Rev. Pete Rhea (pronounced Ray), who seemed like a pretty nice guy. It was strange arranging this with him, now I kinda understand the kind of apprehension and unsureness of people when they call me about videography. It's all new to them as well, and there's no experience that readies you for something like this. Anywho, got a Reverend for the smallish-supposed-to-be-cheap wedding ceremony, and our initial intention of keeping it simply has officially become major.

And I haven't even tinkered with his sermon yet. Or spiel. Whatever the reverend reads during the ceremony.

In a couple of weeks we should get another ultrasound, which I think we kinda need because it seems so strange to be expecting a guest and not knowing what the guest looks like. We just know that the guest will be staying with us indefinitely. Won't pay for food or lodging, and will probably give us a lot of crap during the first year.

I'm sorry, the pun presented itself, and I had to run with it.

So yes, the official moving situation now is, "We're not." We might just spend the money on the baby, and other assorted baby-related things. What with the wedding and our unique family structure (the three cats), moving is rather problematic for us.

By the way, yes, I did take that picture below.

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