Tuesday, March 25, 2003

This needs to be a separate post, because it's a rather big deal. I went into Freddy's today to talk to Michael, who is the new Photo/Electronics manager there, and I was looking to transfer there because I can't work in Apparel anymore, because my wife will be the department head and company policy states, husband and wife cannot work in the same department because they might not ever do any real work again.

So I talked to him, did my best pitch, and I was going to be on the schedule when I got back from the honeymoon, part time, working nights. So there, I was settled, and I was happy. I went to tell my apparel manager, and when I told him, he had just gotten off the phone with Jim Wyatt, who used to be the store director here, but transfered to the new unopened Freddy's. Anyway, I was offered a job by Jim to be a price changer, which is a full time position. That job, from what I know, has to do with computers somewhat and auditing, but the biggest plus would be that I wouldn't have to deal with customers. Yay for that, I'll take two of that.

Me and FC talked about it all day and part of the night, because we were concerned about what we would do. She didn't want to go to nights, and I didn't blame her. There would be at least a 4-5 hour time lapse between us, so we would have to do some daycare for the baby. which was a little hard for us to imagine. But so far the benefits definitely outweighed the cons. I've been struggling with not working full time anyway, being out of college and hoping that someone would hand me a cushy job where I didn't have to do anything.

So I think I'll be taking the position, which does pose a few interesting scenerios. Now I will be working in the same store as my fiance's ex-husband, which would be interesting - weird. Also, I would trying to do a full time job again, which mostly will happen in early morning. That's interesting as well, being how I'm imfamous for being a night person. But I guess I'll have to give it a shot, and see what happens. If I feel like I'm missing the baby too much, I'll do something to change it then. I already feel guilty for the baby.

Oh, the baby kicked my fiance in the butt. She said she felt it. She also said the baby was taking after me.

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