Sunday, June 29, 2003

For some real updates:

Usually, I announce big events on the blog about the baby, but it seems like the big events are happening to all my friends.

Yesterday, Trenchcoat, Dansen, and I took Brendon up to Vancouver for his bachelor party, which included some damn fine food at a noodle place in Chinatown, followed by the traditional fleecing of innocence and the cruelty of bringing him to Cecil's, which is a strip club in Canada and continues to hold its reputation for being an establishment with fine women. However, being how I was working since 6 that morning and by the end of the night, had been up for 20 hours, I spent like a log when I hit the bed at 2am -- until 6 am when I woke up sneezing. I couldn't go back to sleep till 8am, and didn't get up until noon. Milled around for 2 more hours, pretended to edit, and then slept for a few more hours. Very productive day indeed. But the bachelor party was kinda nice, Brendon had the biggest smile on his face, and we got to hang out with Dansen the last day he was going to be in Bellingham. It would be months or even a year before we even see him again, because he's heading off to Japan.

So Brendon and Maralise are getting married pretty soon, about 2 more weeks left. And Dansen is leaving for Japan on Tuesday. Trenchcoat is having family come up on the fourth, and we'll be hanging out with them as well.

Today, my allergies have been rampant, simply running me to the ground. Hopefully tomorrow I won't be sniffling and sneezing through my client's anniversary party. So after tomorrow afternoon, I will have 3 weddings and an anniversary to finish. Life is good.

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