Saturday, June 21, 2003

We were shopping at Freddy's today, at the North Bellingham one where I worked, and we decided to look for some furniture, and we saw a big shelf bookcasey thing that was unfinished, and they were selling it for 19.99, so we put it on hold, thinking that we'll probably rent a truck by the hour or something.

Well, Gary, the Home Manager, found us and volunteered to deliver the bookcase himself, since he owns a truck. My wife emitted an "Oh." which is very familiar to me, so I told Gary thanks and it was making her cry, which she admitted. I think that's one of the reasons why I love my wife so much, because many people, like myself, are so disaffected and pedestrian about everyday things, and my wife isn't that way. I don't really know how to explain it, but she appreciates the good things that happen, so that's why I always try to be good to her. Because she really appreciates it.

Mush mush.

Anyway, yesterday was interesting. Drove down to Seattle to videotape a rehearsal, which lasted for 45 minutes, and since they decided that I didn't need to be at the dinner, I drove home again. 4 hours of driving for 45 minutes. Whoopee. Tomorrow though, it'll be a full day for me. Gotta be at the Golf Course in Kent at 11am, and who knows how long the reception will be. Gonna be a long day for me, and then I still gotta drive home. Hopefully I'll be okay!

Burned me a Jurassic 5 CD for the trip, so I should be bouncing around in the car. Misrapping all the lyrics badly.

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