Saturday, June 14, 2003

It's strange that it's Father's Day tomorrow, I day that I have never really observed because my father was never really around for me to observe it, and now it will once again hold some relevance because I will be the beneficiary of the non-holiday holiday. Just means getting stuff, really. But I could use stuff. My wife does have some things for me, which is kinda cool.

So far, I think I've been an okay dad. I cook for my wife whenever I can, help out whenever I can, I bought a CD called Golden Slumbers, which is a soft jazz compliation of lullabies for the baby. So far, we've not let the baby hear it, mostly I've been listening to it and being strangely comforted and tempted to use it for my wedding scoring. But I haven't put his crib together yet, and not assembled the swing yet. I'll get to it, just gotta get a bunch of other stuff out of the way first.

Today Maralise and Dansen are graduating, exciting for them. I'm going to the Fairhaven graduation and then taking off shortly after. Lots to do, and I've been procrastinating and doing miscellaneous things instead. Like writing a summary script, or a spec script, for the mockumentary.

Damn, I need to get moving.

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