Saturday, June 07, 2003

I like the new look of the blog, I really do, but since I've switched to OS X and decided that Safari is the most faster browser, I've been dreading looking at the blog because Safari displays it incorrectly. It shows up nothing like what you do see, it simply displays it as black text on the white screen, and in a not very good way at that.

Almost got the Freddy's video done, and from now on, I'll just have to insist that I get hour compensation if they ever want me to do something again. Since it was out of my control that I'm so damn creative, I made the video look cool.

Good news, Trenchcoat. Just saw "Bruce Almighty" and "Catch Me If You Can", and I might think about writing again. Don't know when the hell we're going to shoot anything, but that's your job to worry about it.

Sometimes I think about all the movies I'll be able to show Alex, except most of the cool movies that I do want to share are actually rated "R". There just aren't that many great movies that were created out of caution. "The Spanish Prisoner" is rated G, actually, or PG, and it's good, so I just I can't really say that.

It was my step-greatdaughter's birthday today, and I couldn't go because of editing, but I got to talk with her on the phone. I really enjoy her, she's a cutie. She got a trike for her 2nd birthday and from what I hear, she had a great birthday. Hee hee.

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