Saturday, June 07, 2003

Today we went to the doctors appointment again, and there's really nothing new to report. We heard the heartbeat again, and it seems normal. My wife's had lower blood pressure, which is great, and lower than average breathing, which isn't as great. Turns out that the doctor is still breast-feeding, being the mother of a one year old, so it was a little strange listening to her talk after that. All said and done, we got done with the conversation with a rather strange closer, because my last question was about sex during pregnancy, and she advised against "blowing into her vagina during sex" being the only warning. She then said that no one's ever heard that and went, "Oh Darn!", to which I replied, "Yeah, who do you think I am, Dansen?"

Not really, at least up to the Dansen part. ------------

Edited for content. My wife kicked my ass.

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