Sunday, June 01, 2003

Yesterday with a Beatles MP3 disk in the DVD player (can you say 8 hours of music?) and a brand new set of paints and paintbrushes, the three of us set out to create some paintings for the baby's room, part of contributing our artistic talents (not much of it) and our hearts (all of it) to canvas for our new addition to the family. This is what we came up with:

"At the Door"

This one was painted by JL, who wanted to present a painting of a car waiting at the door, wanting in the house, because the scorching sun was plummeting into the mountains.

"A Walk Through the Clouds"

Painted by my Wife, who depicts a happy blue-eyed giraffe who is so tall that the birds fly before it. She is concerned that our baby will think that giraffe have yellow feet, so she's going to tell the baby that it's just a color, not the real thing.

"Big Moist Duck"

This one's painted by yours truly, and the protagonist waterfowl in this piece is a manifestation of our child, who will, above all else, always float above the rest, striving to be the best that he can be, with the support of his parents, us, who are represented by the two cattails. No matter where he is, we will be around. The baby blue skies are cloudy, as is the future that lies ahead, but as long as the duck, our son, follows the green riverbed, it will always find its way in the world.

I'm just messing around. It's just a duck.