Monday, May 19, 2003

I had a pretty exciting weekend and Monday, though I really wouldn't like for it to happen again. It's too much for an old man like me, all this excitement.

It started off with a wedding. It was a job, actually, getting to do Jessica and Pete's wedding, but it felt kinda fun because they were really nice to me. Running around watching them get ready while they pretended I wasn't around was kinda interesting. Their ceremony was a beautiful one, an emotional one because the pastor was also Pete's grandfather. He gave a rousing story about how Pete was the new generation of men in his family to have chosen wives that made for life mates. And they both were tearing up, as was I because secretly, I have a huge amount of estrogen coursing through my veins.

I liked Jessica and Pete because they didn't make me feel like I was working, more like a friend who just happens to do videography, and happens to charge for it as well. Trenchcoat helped me out too, shooting an additional 50 hours of B-roll stuff that will undoubtedly be the end of me.

The dancing at the end was simply the best. I would have to say that it was the first time I've heard that much rap music at a reception, and the sight of Pete slapping his guy friend's ass while dancing just made it so much more fun. I would never do it myself, but it was kinda cool to see a guy who was happy enough to do it without feeling completely self aware about it. Actually, a lot more guys than girls grinded up against Pete.

The next day, a boatload of us went to see The Matrix Reloaded, and though my feelings about the movie aren't great, it was still fun. Oh, and being rushed out of the theater by Dansen, that was just spec-tac-ular. It's okay Dansen, you only made me miss the preview for Revolutions, you skanky boy.

AND THEN... my wife's oldest daughter had gone into labor earlier that morning, delivered the baby boy Joseph in her home, and so we got to visit her and her husband in the hospital. My wife's ex showed up, but everyone was seemingly cordial enough to behave for the newborn. Later, we got to watch my wife's granddaughter, who is an absolute sweetie. We were playing on the phone and she was just a cutie because she would pick up the phone and say, "'ullo!", and then pretend to be talking to the "kitty" on the phone, and then say, "Bye!" Then she would tell my wife (in baby talk) what she had learned from the conversation, and my wife would say, "Really?" and she would nod and pick up the phone all over again.

I have video, but no permission to post it. But she's a definite sweetie.

Today at work, just oddities abound. A lot of people didn't turn in their audits, fax machines didn't work, and the computer at one point was typing gibberish. But the rest of the day went well. Honestly, it was a little too eventful for me, but with a boy on the way, I would think this would become the norm. And I'll be looking forward to it!

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