Saturday, May 17, 2003

My wife is feeling a lot better today, because she felt Baby Alex kick her a bit. Yesterday, I guess the Alex was just resting, or simply plotting to steal all my time and attention from me when he does get out, but I halfway am hoping he's doing just that. I have a lot of tasks awaiting, from Work to Work, from Freddy's to weddings galore (a lot this month.), but watching a baby will make all that pale in comparison.

On Sunday, I'm going to have the family start an art project for Baby Alex, painting pictures for his room with Acryilics and little canvases, to help decorate his room and show Alex how much we already love him, and welcome him into our home. Even though he's been around the house already.

I guess JL is pretty excited about having a little brother, which is rather cool. Of course, she's probably right there with me, thinking that it'll all be fun and games, until she has to change a diaper or try to fall asleep to all that crying. But I'm sure she'll make a wonderful sister, which should hopefully mature her a little, since she's still doing bizarre kid-like things. Today, I noticed the washing was spinning without any clothes and rather perturbed, I asked her what she was doing.

"I'm washing my book cover."

She is obviously not a Fairhaven student, nor attentive of all that enviromental PSAs that all the kid's shows push subliminally through their episodes, because then I had to explain to her that not only was it a waste of energy and water, that it wouldn't be good for the washer.

Book cover. C'mon. It's fabric and all, but it's not that much different than washing a pair of underwear.

Then later, I heard from my wife that JL got cold hands at the mall, so she put on striped gloves.

Again, this is May. Sure, they had hailstorms in Washington today, but not even to warrant gloves.

I'm sure Alex will have his day -- Drawing on things, shoving things where they don't belong, being helpful by being messy, playing with dangerous object at increased sustained momentums. I know he'll do all those because I did all those when I was a kid.

It's the ultimate retribution, I tell ya.

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