Sunday, June 01, 2003

Here's a few more of the many reasons why I love my wife so much. When she's not swearing like a sailor or out-raunching me with inappropriate language, she has a tendency to slip into strange metaphoric sayings that exists only in a 1930s sitcom that was created in her head.

She was explaining to me about something today, and I got distracted when she was talking about a co-worker who was milling around, looking like a "Sorry Gus." That analogy threw me off so much that I just couldn't stop snickering. She claims people have said it before, I mentioned that not in this world, it hadn't.

Another oldie but goodie is that she has used the phrase "pleased as punch" before, in serious conversation. I honestly don't know what's better, when I come up with new pointless catchphrases or when she conjures up old ones that no one's ever heard before.

Oh yeah, and I felt the baby kick again today, three times in a consecutive session. He wanted to say hi! It was good, just feeling a little nudge from my wife's tummy. It's strange, really. It's indescribable because it's such a strange situation. The closest that non-pregnant people can relate to is, I guess, some ringworm or creepy little parasite that has burrowed inside your body, and moves independently inside you.

Hmm. I'm glad I'm not pregnant.

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