Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Was scanning the greeting cards today and there were a bunch of birthday cards that allowed me fantasize a little. Cards for grandsons, expecting mom cards... I remember being in high school and having to do the "career day" thing, whereby I decided to live by myself, eat top ramen, and work as a greeting card writer. It's piece work, and it's sorta a strange career. I was so sure I was going to do that for a living.

I do wonder what I'm going to do when we have a baby around. Hopefully I'll be done with weddings by then so I don't have to feel guilty about doing anything. I was also thinking how much fathers and sons will bond, being how I didn't really have a father around to hang out with me. Everything I do as a father will be guesswork and a lot of luck, I think. Haven't even had a younger sibling or nephew to have any experience. Hopefully I'll work hard at being a father because I would really like to give the kind of love to my boy like my father never did with me. I hope it does all pan out.

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