Monday, June 09, 2003

Last night was weird.

To summarize the story because I've already blurted out the whole account in a police statement, we basically called the cops on our neighbor who was dragging a screaming woman out of his house. The cops came and we were very much involved, and at 3 in the morning we woke up and heard the guy talk to the cops and get arrested. So now our family (at else my wife and I) are feeling a little bit of tension because this guy now knows that it was us who called the cops on him. The woman was bruised and she called the cops after we scared him away, and the cops were already en route when she called.

Anyway, I spent a good portion of last night worrying about the family, worrying about this man who lives next door to us, and is someone who will probably be pissed because he's probably sitting in jail for a short amount of time. We conciously lock the door now, and we're trying not to be afraid of him, but it's suddenly very strange because of what happened. I think everything should settle down and there shouldn't be any problems, hopefully.

You just never think these kinds of things happen, at least around you or the people you kinda know.

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