Tuesday, July 29, 2003

This is a great story, especially if you're familiar with my wife. She doesn't really swear that much, and when she does, it used to be, "Oh my goodness." or something corny to that effect.

The other factor is that she has problems remembering names of movies and music, and the like. She calls "The Sixth Sense" - "I See Dead People" and just generally has a hard time with it.

So we were watching Trigger Happy on Comedy Central, and my wife looked over to me, and said, "Hey, it's like that TV show - Asshole."

"What?" I said.

"It's like that TV Show. Asshole."

"You mean, "Jackass?"

That is followed by about 5 minutes of hysteria on my part, just killing myself with the incident looping continuously in my mind. The funny part of all this is that JL, our 14 year old, was sitting right between us. She doesn't swear herself, and she doesn't really see us swear quite that much.

So, that is going to last me like a week, until my adorable wife does something funny again. I think she's the coolest.

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