Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Now for some updates!

Wife is now officially off work -- the backache and the constant tiredness simply was too much to bear, so she got a note from the doctor and will be off for approximately the next ten weeks. Wow. Didn't really think of it that way.

Tomorrow we're going for the last ultrasound, to see that the baby is going to be fine and all that. There's a strong chance that the baby would come early, with her high blood pressure and the fact that the baby may have dropped. The doctor thinks that the baby has dropped a little, but chooses to float between the dropping point (the groin, I suppose) and her tummy. Swimming monkey!

I got it figured out at work that I could probably do my three weeks off, even though the pay may be hurting just a little, but you only have a baby once, right?

I have a car seat secured and ready in my car, and we have to start packing a diaper bag -- even though we live like 5 minutes from the hospital. So we're deciding what to wear when the baby gets home, and it's a five minute car ride. But he'll look so cute!!

Really getting hyped about my son, just a lot of thoughts are going through my head about it. It's an amazing feeling of uncertainty, anxiety, and excitement. More later.

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