Thursday, August 07, 2003

We went to the ultrasound appointment today, Alex's third, and a lot has changed from the first one. Although we didn't really get to see his face and get a good look at the little guy, we did get a few pictures of him. He's lying on his side, and you can see his little arm and a side of his face, but not much else.

They measured everything, and everything seems to be in order. They estimate him at around 5 pounds or so, and he was quite camera shy so if we didn't already know it was a boy, there would've been a fair chance that we wouldn't have found out. He was likely sleeping through the whole affair, not aware that we were all looking at him.

Got a wedding to go to tomorrow, semi-glad that it will be the last one for a while. I'm neck deep in weddings, and been procrastinating because I'm recoiling from the first one that I finished and a rushed one after that. Need to be doing some surfing and general bumming about before I start on the second. This has been one of the harder summers for that.

Well, got a rehearsal to attend. Later.