Thursday, April 29, 2004

As Alex is making his usual sounds in the backseat, it suddenly came into my head - it's generally the baby's job to sound like he's on fire occasionally to show his displeasure. This is demonstrated by the the "ahs!" and "ehs!" coming from the backseat, and from time to time he would do a raspberry or two to tame the flames. But seriously, he was a pretty good boy tonight, and cute to boot.

We were at Baskin Robbins, taking advantage of their free scoop night, and we each got ourselves a single scoop of joy, watching all the other people enjoy their free treat. It seems as if for a day, at all the Baskins Robbins in the world from 6pm to 10pm, everyone turned into a happy little kid again. There was no one worrying about how much it would cost, how fattening ice cream would be, or whether you had time to go get a scoop. It was like all these people turned into kids again and went to the ice cream store just to enjoy a moment of nostalgia. I dunno, there was something inherently beautiful about the experience. Alex was too little to get a scoop, but my wife caved and gave him a bite of chocolate. I gave him a taste of my Jamocha, and he must've enjoyed it because he grabbed it and shoved his mouth into it and wouldn't let go. My wife laughed at me. I know she enjoys it when I go into a feigned, slightly disheveled mode of panic - somehow my freaking out just cracks her up. That or when I hurt myself - she seems to get a great big kick out of that as well.

We went to Brendon and Maralises to visit for a while, then came back and I downloaded the newer version of iTunes. More features, very cool. Although I think my computer is getting older and older. The next release of anything from Mac, and I'm almost certain that I'll be left behind. It's a little sad, really.

This morning, when we went in to check on Alex, the little guy was standing up in his crib - it was a little freaky to see, being how he was basically a little legume 7 months ago, unable to do much else except look indifferent and cry, and now he's pulling himself up to the crib, standing there, and ripping his mobile apart Tigger by Tigger. It's both a proud moment and a sad one. It's both an indicator of how fast he's growing and some of the other things he's outgrown.

I loves the baby.

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