Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I desperately want to venture into a new template, but I'd hate to lose all the comments again and have to refigure out the stupid template. Maybe I'll just stick with this a little longer. Maybe a template change later on would be nice. Blogger just had to do it and add new templates, new commenting, and spiffy layouts that I can't resist! Argh! The agony of envy!

As the little boy gets bigger and bigger, I feel myself aging more and more. The past two days, I've been plagued by mystery backaches and lack of sleep, and all I've thought of these couple days is my bed. Catching some Z's. I've also switched to Diet Coke permanently - a taste of regular Coke the other day make me gag a little. Too sweet. Another sign of aging - when things are just too sweet. I remember when I was a kid, the only time I'd think something was too sweet was when I was frothing at the mouth and tasting the foam from my sugar-induced candy binge. Then and only then did I cave to the notion of something being too sweet. Now a swig of the regular pop and I'm throwing in the towel.

I think the worst thing about aging - the most cruelest joke that is played upon us recent grads, is watching all the youth simply squander their youth away. Juuuuust pissing it away. Sit for hours at a time watching TV. Not even good TV, but repeats and reruns and reality TV. I'm envious of them, sure. I really do miss the free time that I had before I was a parent - I cannot lie about that. Anyone who says that they do not miss the free time before they became a parent is either lying, or was a really uninteresting bored person before they became a parent.

Sure, sure - there'll be people who would be like - oh, but look at the rewards of parenthood! You're raising a child! You're giving all your love to a child! You're learning the meaning of life by providing a life for your child!

Well, that's really great - I love my son a whole big bunches, but there was a time not long ago when having some nookie with my wife did not require an appointment. Washing dishes did not seem like a good break from the norm. Washing my car wasn't a relaxing thing to do. Sleeping in actually meant 11am, not 9:30. My day actually started when I wanted it to, not after the little one's finally down for his first nap. I actually saw movies, at the cinema, like it's supposed to be. I did not used to have to preplan every little trip, even to the grocery store.

No need to encourage me with words of advice, I know it's all worth it. Just sometimes it's hard to not be nostalgic about all the free time I used to have. Just do nothing at all. Sit around and count the hairs on my legs.


Well, what now?

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