Sunday, May 09, 2004

Wow, I don't post for a week and Blogger changes everything for me. I guess unless you're a Blogger user the experience would solely be mine. Moving on.

So, the aforementioned week that I've been absent has been a crazy week, and I'm glad that it's so over because it was just me - freaking out at full capacity. Between worrying about getting the Mother's Day video done in time and finding a location and worrying about the actual shoot - I've been frazzled and eating way too much candy to soothe myself.

But now the week is over, and I can chill at least for a while. We celebrated Mother's Day today by going to Olive Garden (it was that or Kyoto's, and the latter has hot stoves and fire.) because my original idea sucked. I wanted to get Alex's handprints and footprints on a canvas, and then attach some photos and have colors splashed across it and framed. Well, Alex had something else to say about that. He didn't seem to want to cooperate with me, so he just thumped his little red-stained fist on the canvas and my idea went out the window. Those cute hand prints you find on other people's art is either made from deep-sleeping babies or Little People, if you ask me. I called my Mother as did my wife, and they were both disappointed we couldn't drive down to go see them. We said that we couldn't afford it, because of the gas situation ($2.20 a gallon, I'm walking.) and we thought that going to see them empty handed might seem unthoughtful, no matter how often people said that it's the thought that counts. So, to support our excuse for not driving down, my wife told her mom that I was probably going to take my wife and the kids out to dinner at McDonalds. The Audacity! I'd much rather come off as inconsiderate than a cheapskate! I am proud to say that I used good credit to make my wife happy today for Mother's Day, so there!

The shoot last night went well - I did wish for more time and energy to keep going, that's for sure. I'm still a little beat from yesterday, but it was fun. The location was better suited for something more light-hearted, but we gotta work with what we got, I suppose.

The video I made for my wife for Mother's Day is of Alex, from his birth until early this month, just growing bigger, doing new things, and boring everyone who's not myself, my wife, or my mom to death with just minutes of footage of seemingly nothing. To explain it best, it'd be like having footage of the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. You could watch every little detail, mundane and otherwise, and it would bring back so much emotion and memories that it wouldn't seem dull in any sense. I condensed 5 hours of footage into an hour and a half, because even as parents of the cutest baby in the world have limited attention spans.

Throughout the week I've had lots of tidbits I had in mind to post, but I've forgotten them all. So, blogging is certainly a good rolodex for all the little things that happened that aren't important, but is nice to access once in a while.

And the six hour sleep just caught up to me...


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