Saturday, May 22, 2004

Just came back from my friend Adrian Clarke's performance at the Wild Buffalo, and it was excellent. I did some shooting for him while he performed his set, but honestly, I'm a little deaf and headachey right now because it didn't occur to me that standing a few feet in front huge speakers was probably not a great idea. Oh well. I'll post some pics later.

Finally done encoding the Mother's Day video after I started on Monday. I'm talking non-stop, 24 hour encoding. But it's done, and I'm happy. Gonna burn myself three copies, for my mom, her mom, and my mom. I also suckered up and got a "Freedom Pass", which allows me to rent crazy amounts of movies from Blockbuster, Got "Matchstick Men" out, think we're going to enjoy that!

Well, enough rambling.

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