Saturday, May 15, 2004

Lessons in Life and Death
By the Cats.

I'm not particularly looking forward to it, but there's a dead mouse on my back porch waiting for me to fling it over the neighbors fence or something. Not to worry, nobody lives next door, and I'm only doing it because I think that the biological return to earth is only a sensible one. Yeah, that's it.

Anyway, this is the lesson. We have three cats, and it seems like the oldest and sole female feline is very much proficient in catching some field mouse and killing it. She doesn't eat it, no. She's not hungry enough for that. I believe it's her little way of insulting me because somehow she knows that I'll have to get rid of it, since my wife's pregnant and my stepdaughter would probably cry child abuse or something. The other cats can't seem to catch anything, so the eldest cat is proving that yes, she is slow and considered somewhat submissive in the order in the house, but she could probably survive the best by her own. Franklin would not. He's so fat that he'd probably get picked off by some eagle and be the main course of their version of Thanksgiving.

But this is the second dead mouse I've had to deal with, and I'm not very excited about it because I don't like dead animals. It's freaky. I don't think I would response well to dead people, let alone dead field mice. There's something far too grim about it for me to want to deal with, so I'll probably do something strange like smack it way across the porch or something with a broom.

As for Alex and I, we're having a pretty mellow day. I've been acting like a cowboy in Dead Red Revolver, shooting up bad guys and making my eyes all wacky by sitting for 5 hour sessions. I'm a mean parent because I tend to decide for him when his naps are, but after some initial complaining, he just sleeps for a couple hours. He needs it, just doesn't know it.

But I've having a rather nice off day, thank you very much. I suppose I should post some pictures of him being the biggest boy. Yeah, I think I'll do that.

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