Saturday, May 15, 2004

Ten Things that Make Me Feel Old.

10. This evening, my wife said to my son, "No, don't eat Daddy's car magazine."
9. Consumption of Diet Coke, shunning regular Coke because it's too sweet.
8. When I'm at work, Parents refer to me as "the man" to their children. They used to say, "Young Man."
7. Vitamin supplements suddenly seem like a pretty darn good idea.
6. Unexplained back pain. Constantly.
5. Having to trim nose hairs. What the hell is that all about?
4. Wearing very similar, if not the same clothes everyday and not really caring.
3. Having to worry about what I eat, how it affects my wallet, health, and weight. Damn food. Stop tasting so good.
2. Realizing Less is More.
1. My son, who is single-handedly turned me into a more responsible, and ultimately less interesting person. Wait till he gets older. Then my verbal wit will have to be reduced to Barney talk. And Angels will cry.

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