Saturday, November 06, 2004

Word to your Mom, I Came to Drop Bombs...

Flea bombs, that is.

Yeah, we decided that in our infinite free time, we should have to deal with an flea infestation. At first, we were just going to ignore the many flea bites that itched like Hades on my ankles, but my wife took off Alex's shirt yesterday to find flea bites all over his back, and decided that the air raid would have to happen yesterday. So while I was at work, the three foggers filled the air with noxious death fumes, and we spent all night last night wiping down furniture, rewashing all the dishes, rewashing clothes, deep steam cleaning all the carpets... Basically making sure the house was completely dead flea + noxious residue free. I'm just finishing the rest of the cleaning and washing up today, and we should be completely done with it by tonight. God, I hate fleas. We killed a bunch of other bugs too.

But that was just yesterday. Sometime earlier this week, I forget when, because when you have babies, time is a relative concept... I got the itch again to venture into something completely stupid and time consuming, and would plunge me into further debt. I flirted with the idea to start up my videography again, going into it completely as a full time venture. I wouldn't do it with my own money this time, because that proved to be pretty dumb ultimately. No, I would apply for a loan by the government for small businesses, and then go all out. Get furniture, new hardware, a second camera, and advertise like a mother. Of course, I haven't taken a step further than the initial thought, but the seed is planted. I have to still figure out a good way to still make profit from the business, but be appealing to people out there. In my small community whereby the video market is already saturated with other videographers and companies. I dunno, it's just something that I'm batting around. I'm just getting wary of my job. While I beep thousands of merchandise every week (8000 or so, dudes.), I think about my degree and the amount of time and money that I've put into higher education and wonder what I'm doing auditing. I don't mind auditing, but it's not my passion.

Alex had a grand old time today when he found the tissue paper box. He was halfway through the box before I realized he was dispensing them at light speed. Yes, I was busy taking crack cocaine while this was all going on, but I only shoot it in between my toes so that other parents can't see the marks and judge me. But my little toe is totally impotent now. Anyway, I just let him play with the tissue paper and toss it all around like some twisted prom queen. I know it really makes no sense, but if you saw his face you'd get it.

Well, another load in the laundry. Stupid fleas.

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