Thursday, March 27, 2003

I'm going to post while I have a chance here. The wedding plans have plowed ahead and today, I spent a part of the day working, and the other part of the day just cleaning downstairs, which was rather difficult. There was spagetti spatter all over the place (don't ask.) and I had no idea how gross the house was until I stopped to pay attention to it. Tonight's the bridal shower, shifted from its original Friday date, and originally it was just Maralise and Michelle, and maybe a few work friends, but now it seems like half the apparel department is going to make it here. The cleaning took so much time that I'm just going to give up on my room and leave it a mess. Impressions be damned!

The anticipation toward the wedding is mounting, and there is anxiety and excitment floating around, with plenty to spare. I finished revising the sermon yesterday, but it was bounced back to me on email, so I'll have to drive it out to the church tomorrow. I also finalized the secret gifts I got for my fiance, it's sure to be a blast full of fun.

My job front also changed, having to be kicked out of apparel, and so now I'm officially a price changer at the new store, starting sometime in the next few weeks. It's kinda odd, did not even realize that today was actually my last day at the store. The new job will be interesting, I will be non-union, which I think is a good thing, considering what little they've done for us in the past few years. I will also get a ten cent raise, something that's probably not worth mentioning. My hours will be fixed, and I will be part time, at 32 hours a weeks, which will give me an extra day to see the baby when the baby arrives. The commute will be longer than normal, but it'll be fine.

The few things I am worried about is missing the baby's ultrasound, and the baby as well. I will have to find out about paternity leave and what that ensues.

Well, better go downstairs, the bridal shower is beginning.

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