Sunday, April 06, 2003

I was making the final arrangments for Vegas today, after waking up at 6:30 in the morning because of the streaming sunlight. Although Trenchcoat decided it would be a funny thing to call me at 6:45 in the morning about my camera, he didn't actually wake me up. Anyway, learned online by reading user reviews that the Stratosphere, where we'll be staying, is stilll technically on the strip, but at the end of it. And it's in a weird neighborhood whereby if I were a crack addict who needed a hooker, I'd be in paradise. So much for shopping online.

But I called the hotel to ensure a non-smoking room, and decided to rent a car so we wouldn't have to hoof through sin quite that literally, and I wrote down all the attractions that were cheap or free. It's really too bad my wife can't go on rides, since she's the wild one that enjoys the neck-snappers and heart-stoppers. There's only one ride I'm interested in (insert honeymoon joke here) and that's the Nascar simulator. I'll have pictures, but it's just a stock car simulator on hydraulics and wrap-around video game screen, so you're immersed. There's a even better thing in Nevada where you can race a sports car around the laps, but that's expensive and outta our league.

So, the blog will be dark for about a week, and by the time I return, I doubt I would spend the time to recollect all the details, but I'll have some. Maybe Vegas will get boring and I'll check into an internet cafe.

Not bloody likely, though.

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