Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Being a fourty-hour a week working man isn't all that fun, I've been coming home tired and there's a sickness that's trying to creep up on me. And today, I missed my wife's first baby-related appointment, and I'm a little bummed about it.

There was nothing too eventful about the visit, really, just normal check-up stuff, but my wife actually got to listen to the baby's heartbeat more clearly this time, something we kinda missed out the first time around. My wife's blood pressure went up a little, and her breathing is even lower than before, but she was really proud that she gained 4 pounds, because she's been worried about the baby's health.

Got a shot of babyhood when Karen came over to collect her chairs that she loaned to us for our wedding, and Baby Brendan, who is more of a walking, talking, hyperactive dynamo toddler now, was having fun running around, touching cats, laughing at me, and climbing stairs. He's an adorable little guy, just a joy to watch (and probably really tiring to watch over.) But watching him made me excited about having a kid.

My wife's pregnancy has a side effect, which some medical books called "scatterbrainess". Today, we called for roadside assistance when her car keys were stuck in the ignition, only to realize that the car was still in drive. And she also tried to use the atm by sticking her card in the receipt slot too. Well, those are fine and so forth, but one of the things that's really been a weird side effect is that she's a complete giggle bunny. She'll giggle at everything that's surprising, and so far everything that's surprising has been pain.

I was doing my monkey-Jaws thing, whereas I sing the "Jaws" theme in a monkey voice, building up to a hysteric cresendo, at which point I would lunge at her at attempt to eat the imaginary fleas off her head. Anyway, I lunged, she hits me and injures me, and as I convulse around in pain, she giggle and laughs at me. When JL fell in the hallway last week, she just giggled at her. Hmm. I had better not get in a major accident around her, for she might bust out in hysterics.

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