Sunday, March 30, 2003

The last two days have been pretty eventful, yesterday being probably one of the most important days in my life, because yesterday I got married! You can take a look at some of the pictures on the left column, just click on us and you'll see a bunch of thumbnails. So on Friday, Trenchcoat and Ted helped organize a bachelor party, and Trenchcoat did not get back in town until 6 or so in the evening. But I picked up Dansen and Brendon, and then we got Ted and went around and got an XBox. We didn't get to play the darn thing until after the party, and by that time we were pretty tired, so we're due to crash at Ted's and play his Xbox. Anyway, Kurt and Craig also showed up and they all had a good time laughing at me turning all shades of red. My ears were completely crimson with awkwardness, and they sure had a good laugh out of me. It was a fun little event with lots of laughs and some alcohol - we definitely will have to throw one for Brendon when he marries.

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