Friday, March 28, 2003

Day One of the big celebration day is over, Day Two is about halfway done, and it hasn't even gotten exciting yet. I'm completely exhausted, actually dying for a nap which I will probably indulge in after this quickie.

Thanks to Syrinx and Maralise, my fiance had a really good time and we got some really nice stuff altogether. Brendon and I stayed long enough to eat some pizza and watch little Brendan run around like a superkid, emptying root beer bottles and chasing the cats, then we went off to his place to watch some TV, eat some blizzards, and watch Formula 51 with no subtitles. By the time we came back, most of the guests were already gone, and it was just Maralise and Syrinx with my FC and JL, watching "Runaway Bride." I noticed FC had a strange grin on her face, but I didn't know exactly what to make of it. The last time she smiled at me that way, we found out we were pregnant, and well, that wasn't it.

So I went to the bathroom in my room, and looked over at the bed and let loose a shriek because our once mismatched, bastard of a bed, was now covered in throw pillows and a brand new comforter. Everyone was laughing downstairs at me, seems like they thought it was a funny idea to disguise our bed as a girly bed. But all and all, it was a relatively good pattern on the comforter, I didn't feel too feminine about it. I did have to put the throw pillows aside, though. It's hard to sleep with pastel anything.

But FC really did enjoy her little shindig, and thanks to Maralise and Syrinx for putting it together. And thanks to Ann, Mary, Karen and Brendan, and Cindy for coming and keeping FC company. I guess the games were kinda fun, and everyone had a good time. We still have an entire pizza from last night and root beer, and that's all I've eaten today. Yum!

Had to clean my room today, which wore me out, and then I had to finish a cd of music for tomorrow, try to get a hold of the reverend (I finally did through email. Handwriting should be regulated.) put the top secret project on tape, went out to the store and got some essentials (can you say 16 bottles of apple cider?) And gas for tomorrow's trip.

Then I came home and got on the computer, striving to find a surefire way to rid of static forever. I sorta didn't succeed.

Me out.

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