Friday, April 04, 2003

Well, the flu has officially kicked my ass, bringing me to a fever of 100.3 last night and me having to bake the room and sweat it out. I called in sick today, partially excited that I won't have to bust my butt at work, but also feeling like rest should be What's On my List Today. (Pun intended.) So I spent some of the morning chatting with my wife, who hasn't really seen me all that much since we got married. I talked to her a little more and she said that she kinda misses my old schedule, which means I worked less, and during the nights. I would see her for her lunches, and sometimes when she came home from work. It is then later revealed to me, and this is in her words, that she liked my old schedule and wants me to be her "stay-at-home-bitch." Ah, wedding bliss continues.

No, really. She said that.

I don't mind being that at all, except our money situation isn't that hot right now. In fact, with me working more and her working less, it pretty much evens out to about the same amount of money that's coming into the household. I guess for right now we'll keep doing what we're doing, and seeing if it works out. If not, we will probably go back to the old schedule of me nights and her days, in some ways, that's a lot better because I can't keep ignoring this feeling that by sticking our baby into daycare, we'd be missing out on a lot of good stuff.

Man, I like being home and not at work. That's me, the Stay-At-Home-Bitch. Always running errands, keeping up with the blog, being sexually available, and taking care of kids and cats. Yay.

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