Sunday, April 06, 2003

My wife heard from someone at work that the Grand Canyon was within driving distance of Vegas, and it was just a 3 hour road trip one way. She got really interested, which got me really interested, so I looked it up on Mapquest to calculate the distance. Yeah, try 300 miles. That's six hours of driving, one way, which equates to 12 hours of driving total. Which equates pudding for brains when I'm done for the day. So I'm going to update my wife on it, though I think it would be cool to see the Grand Canyon again. It is simply a magnificient view that can reduce you to tears when you look at it. I'm not much of a nature appreciation kinda guy - Mt. Rainier's just a freakin' mountain to me, but the Grand Canyon is really something I'll never forget. And I think my wife will really enjoy it. If we do decide on doing the trip, then I'm bringing my mondo videocamera. It's that worth it.

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