Tuesday, April 15, 2003

So the baby's been kicking quite a bit lately. My wife has felt it a lot, which makes her quite excited, but I haven't had the chance to catch the little baby saying hi to me. I've placed my hand at my wife's tummy and waited, but I guess the baby's just being shy right now. How odd really, to have a little person inside of you. I compared it, to my wife's amusement, that it was like I infected her with a baby. It's all like a biological chain reaction, like an alien that's using my wife's body like a host. Hmm, a little gross, but all sentiment aside, it is a little weird.

My wife returned a phone call to the doctor today, and we were informed that the blood test came back relatively ok, and there was a 1 in 190 chance that the baby might have Down's Syndrome. She was really worried about it all day, and I tried hard to reassure her that those were still pretty good odds, and there's no use worrying about it since there would be nothing we could really do to change that. All the worrying would not change a single thing, and we were going to keep the baby, so all we could do is prepare. She was still seeking consolation, and when we went into Freddy's, they had the Mega Million odds, that 1 in 45 would win. And so she thought, well, I never win the lottery, so the odds must be good.

Let me tell you though, never have I regretted all the stupid jokes I made when I was younger about the disease. I guess that's why we should all learn to be nice to everyone, because stuff like that is always like karma. I'm very certain that we're going to have a healthy baby, and we're scheduling an advanced version of an ultrasound in Seattle for later. Just to confirm. We're still skipping on the emmio.

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