Saturday, November 20, 2004

Date Night for Mommy and Daddy...

...Or Scary Night for the Alex. Actually, Alex was in the excellent hands of Mary, who is one of our friends from work, but that's not the way Alex saw it. He was in a strange place, with strangers who were nice to him. Mary even told us that he refused to eat his raviolis or take any milk, and when he was offered a popsicle, he would take a bite, then retreat to his corner until she managed to coax him out again for another bite. And the last hour, she told us, he was just bummed out and crying. When we walked in the door three hours after we dropped him off, he cried when he saw us and walked right to Mommy. Zoe was fairly indifferent, or pretty much the same.

Our date night however, went kinda nicely. We couldn't really decide what to do with ourselves, so some plans were made on the fly. We ended up going to Boss Tweed, a restaurant seemingly named after a corrupt politician that serves primarily seafood. This place is kinda special for us in a way, because we went there on the day I proposed to my wife, and also on our first anniversary. It's not especially grand or romantic, it's just a place we went to that has a little bit of sentiment to it. So we spoiled ourselves a little, because we hardly get to anymore. The last time we splurged for overpriced mediocre food was at Applebee's, but at least this time we got Scallops and Fries for myself and Clam Strips and Fries for her at half the price at Applebee's. We also split a pop and milkshake.

After that, we were trying to decide between going to a bar and playing pool, and bowling. The latter won out because it seemed a little more fun, but also because I'm not much of a drinker anyway, and the cover charge at the bar might seem a bit... off putting. I'm cheap like that.

So we went to 20th Century Bowling, which has since upgraded their facilities slightly. Gone is the ancient scoring computers that only seasoned bowlers and code decrypters can operate, now it's actually user friendly. And it has cool graphics! So my wife had been warning me that she was going to kick my behind, but in the end, I was the King. We played three games, and it seemed that the more beers she drank, the worse she got. I actually got a little better with each game, but I still couldn't finish my beer, even if it was the magic portion that was aiding my game. My best game was 127, which isn't great, but I'm pretty proud of it. My fingers are still sore today, which suggests that my bowling form is horrible. Oh well, we had a good date night anyway.

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