Sunday, November 14, 2004

Don't Let This Happen to You!

This weekend has been pretty laid back, with me spending the majority of my time watching cartoons that were supposed to be turned on for Alex, and just chilling out and playing San Andreas. The evenings though, have been very interesting. Borderline bizarre and just wacky as hell.

Last night, after a seemingly normal night of chores and routine, Zoe just started screaming at the top of her lungs. She had been laying on the floor on the playmat, looking at her toys, and suddenly she was near inconsolable. She was crying so hard that it seemed like she was in some kind of pain, as if we were pushing our thumbs really hard on her forehead. We gave her a colic pill, which in reality just relieves gas (Gas-X for kids!), and after a long while, Zoe finally calmed down. My wife had to hold her and bounce up and down and go, "Shh. Shh. Shh," about 1,504 times to get there, but that strange little episode was over.

And then he got it.

Alex didn't have his way for a while, and then he too, started screaming and got just wacky. We figured it was his teeth bothering him, so we give him some kids motrin, and tried to chill him out. Finally, when he got to go into the kitchen and put whatever he wanted into the fridge, he too, found his inner peace. My wife and I looked at each other and just sighed. It was like a wave of pure evil that just swept through the living room.

Tonight, it was mostly me who was the evil entity. I've had a headache all day, but it actually got worse in the evening. So much so that the only thing that I could do was just sit there and hold my head together. Eventually it lightened up with the drugs I took, but in between the relief and the agonizing brain numb was just a big streak of flighty behavior. My interpersonal relationships just crashed around me. I started draining the bath water before Zoe could have her bath, I didn't get the 7-UP my wife had requested, and I hung up on my brother over the phone. I might've done some other things, but I couldn't remember it if I tried.

Maralise said that Zoe's grown so much bigger, and I guess it's normal that we don't notice it, because we see her everyday. But I guess she's not the scrawny little twig she was. Now she's got some meat on her. Most of it is on her cheeks. She's a cheeky little girl! She's a sweetheart though, she smiled at all the women at work and just impressed everyone with her cheery nature. Alex, on the other hand, was leaning away from them and wanted me to save him. Ahhh! Women! Ahhhh!

Can't believe I'm back at work tomorrow. Drone.

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