Wednesday, April 16, 2003

As I'm learning more about my new job, the happier I'm getting about how easy it is. It's a job that doesn't really have a boss, save a few people who control my hours and paycheck and a store director who will sign my paperwork when it's done, and it's such a good job that I pretty much, within reasonable limits, can decide to switch days off once in a while if I wanted to. Downside, I will have to probably do a lot of customer service because I'm on the floor so much, in all these other departments. But that's okay, shopping while auditing seems to be a reasonable side effect to the job.

My wife is still feeling the baby being active a bunch, though I really haven't the fortune to feel a boot or bump. But that's okay, it'll be there soon. I was auditing/shopping today in the toy section, and suddenly I felt an enormous wave of affection toward our baby. Like I loved the baby so much, as if it were a guest I was expecting but have never met. I wanted to buy toys for the baby, but the really good educational ones that don't fall back to the stereotypes. Just fun, innocent toys that don't have to reflect the harsh realities of real life. I saw a wind-up aquarium that would play music while the background scrolls back, and the fish would just hang out. And a finger painting board that wasn't paint, just a baby safe board that is sorta like a magna doodle, but not.

And baby clothes, they are so little and so colorful, they just make me happy. I'm just a giddy little schoolgirl when I think about our baby. But still being the protective father, of course. No sharp knives for you, little baby!

I was buying pencil lead at Freddy's yesterday, and I guess they make a soft ruler that bends.

Yes, I think that's too safe.

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