Friday, April 18, 2003

I have to say that I wasn't too hot on the idea of going to my wife's doctor's appointment today, because I have to start working later shifts (1-10 in the evenings) and I wasn't too keen on waking up at eight in the morning. But I went to the appointment, and it was a good thing. They took her blood pressure as normal, and we got to listen to the baby's heartbeat, which I missed the last time. The baby's heart was beating at 153 bpm, which accordingly to the Old Wive's Tales, would make it a girl. However, checking the Chinese Lunar Calendar, I determined that it would be a boy. I guess there's really nothing to assume until we get the ultrasound done.

The doctor also confirmed today that the odds are good for us to have a healthy baby. Our initial odds were even worse I guess, 1 in 55 women over 40 were at risk. So, sitting at 1 in 190, we finally got the reassurance we were looking for all along.

Although the names have been decided on, there's still a bit of speculation as to what we might settle on. No one seems to really think "Alex" is special, and "Zoe" evokes a love-hate response usually. I know Dansen's in love with the name, but his name's Dansen. Ha ha. And a few people out there, including my wife's ex- mother in law, thinks that "Zoe" is pronounced "Zo." I think not, try "Zoey."

Well, I spent a good amount of time looking at baby products yesterday, and I have to say that I think babies may not necessarily be expensive, but parent make it to be an expensive thing. You find all these unnecessary trinkets and toys that you wanna buy for your baby, but all the baby wants is just your love and attention. Material things don't mean squat to them, you just think by providing the baby with all these gizmos will make the baby happy.

I'm probably going to fall into that category.

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