Saturday, April 19, 2003

This post has little to do with our baby (wouldn't be the first one, would it?), but I was at my job, scanning various items as part of a store-wide, pre-opening price verification orgy, and I came across some pretty strange things.

Chicken in a can - Somehow they managed to shove a whole freakin' chicken into a can. The can was slightly larger than normal, mind you, but still. It says there are no giblets, so there you go. It was at the very bottom corner of the shelf, where apparently the freaks shop.

Chicken meal in a box - Somehow they have dehydrated chicken enough to come in a box. That's kinda wrong.

Tuna in a bag - In a seal-fresh bag, with no juices. Don't they call it MRE's in the military?

A stuffed cat that meows - Apparently, dogs will register that meow to being somewhat authentic. I would hate to buy human food that made the corresponding sounds. Like biting into a burger that emitted a low "moo" sound.

A squeaky burger - Again, a vinyl dog toy resembling a hamburger, with all the fixings. What. The. Hell. Dude.

Chuck a Duck - I actually found this one cool. It's a soft circular frisbee with an image of a petrified duck on it, another dog toy.

A Rodent Puppet - It was either a squirrel or a beaver, but I guess pets need puppet shows for their developmental learning.

A Water Fountain for pets - A self-watering water bowl, that circulates the water so that your pet has the illusion of fresh spring water. Probably as clean as drinking out of a fountain. Over 30 bucks to water your pet.

A crunchy stuffed rodent - Has a crisp-like exterior, no doubt to give your dog the illusion that it's breaking the stuffed animal's bones. Yeah, I know.

That's just a few of the things I remember, and I only did three aisles or so. Trouble is, I see half the dog toys, and I'm wondering how many of those would make good kid toys. I mean, really, they were that good enough to qualify for human play. I know I squeezed a few toys in that section. And they LIKED IT!

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