Friday, April 25, 2003

We've been thinking a lot about the childcare situation, and we've decided that we should just quit our jobs and live in a commune, let the village raise our kid. No, not really. But we did change our tune to exclude daycare, at least for the first few years of our little baby's life. Above all, it isn't about the cost of daycare (a lot) but more so that we want to be able to bond with our baby early on in life, and not be raise by strangers. In a way, this scenerio is slightly more comforting because we don't have to worry about paying for it, though I won't be able to see my wife now because we will be working opposite shifts. She's thinking about going to nights, the shifts that I used to do while I work in the days. We will miss each other a lot, and we hope it'll work out for the best.

In other news, I have been shamefully lusting over a job at Fairhaven, one that Trenchcoat informed me about and is applying for himself, which makes me a little uncomfortable at the notion that we should ever be competing for the same job. I'd much rather work with him... But I've been very distracted at work, thinking a lot about video production classes and different ways to advance my career from that one. This is also in part that we've been doing the same damn thing for the past week and a half at Freddy's, which is scanning the whole store and ensuring that things are ringing up on sale. I don't think of the effort as futile, but I do think that it's a rather worthless gesture considering that if we find a pricing error, and it's a sales item, they can change it just fine, but it doesn't mean that it'll be the same when the ad changes over on Sunday and all the prices change again. Apparel has been the biggest offender, being that everything is not ringing on sale, or some items are or aren't, so the scanners don't really even know what the hell they're looking for.

The store is so disorganized to the point where we are having a rally today, and nobody's really sure if it's at 11 or noon. Half the signs say one, half the flyers say the other. Me, I'm being a killjoy and just staying at home. At one point I had volunteered to the store director that I would videotape the event, and asked him if I should clock in at 11. He promptly changed his decision and decided for me to come in on Tuesday instead, the day before Grand Opening. I've been going back and forth whether or not to shoot at my own time, but I decided against it because the very least they could do is put me on the clock while I shoot a video for them, it's only fair. I don't know, the rally is supposed to be silly anyway, each department made up a pep chant and are going to perform skits and serve the whole store fried chicken. Whoop De Freakin' Do.

"We're sexy, we're cute, we're popular to boot. So Come... And see us, we're right in front of Food."

That's our chant, cripped off "Bring it On," a cheerleading movie that had the advantage of at least having cute girls in it. Picture a bunch of middle-aged people leading a bunch of disinterested, bored workers, chanting that at the top of their lungs. At least the Food chant was more comprehensive, with 16 original lines in their chant. Our only original line is the second verse, which sadly has to make reference to another department to pinpoint where we are.

I don't know, just can't wait for the store to open so I could just do my job and be at that. Sigh.

I sound like a bit of a hard core pessismist, don't I?

I'll try to post a happier thought.

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