Sunday, May 04, 2003

The Name Game

Everyone's entitled to an opinion, sure, but some people's opinion's suck because they fester doubt in your head. Yes, I'm talking about the baby's name. My wife and I decided quite a while ago that Alex Andrew would be a good name for a boy, and till now, I still like the name a lot. It's an alpha male name, but nonetheless, it's a name with character built in, and Alex means "Protector of Man", which is pretty awesome, especially if you pair it up with my last name, which means "Thunder" in Chinese.

But my mom, who has been very vocally resistant to the name, said that a lot of people have that name, especially in the family. Her brother's name is Alex, someone's cousin is named Alex, and my grandma's brother is named Alex. All of which is news to me because I just know their Cantonese names, not their Christian names. She thinks the name is popular and not very unique, and even though I do like that name a lot, she's put that lingering doubt in my head. My wife still is very attached to the name, which I don't really blame her, since I feel the same way. Then yesterday, Dansen, being the Good Friend that he is, vocally expressed his displeasure for the name also. His suggestions weren't as well received, because I was not high on crack at the time, and I have no desire to give a namesake that causes remorse to my boy.

So I've been frustrated with people in general, because I feel as if I'm caught in the middle of people being selfish. And by that, I don't mean that people aren't entitled to chime in their thoughts, but because they don't have the courtesy to be polite and talk behind my back. Yeah, just slightly embittered by this feeling of not being able to please everyone. We have thought of a few other names that we don't mind, but it's still not Alex.


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