Friday, April 25, 2003

So, we've got the ultrasound scheduled for next Friday, early in the morning at 8:30am. I've convinced my mom to go, since she's never seen an ultrasound before (but she did say, "I've see it. I've had one done for my heart which shows it was enlarged." Which is different from a baby.) and I think it would be a good bonding experience for everyone. I'm excited to see the baby again, who is beginning to feel like a big tease because I've only seen the ultrasound once, heard the heartbeat a second time, but my wife has had to luxury of feeling the baby kick around and be an active little person inside her tummy. It's like a teaser baby. And we also get to find out the gender. How cool is that?

We've still not bought any real items for the baby yet. Perhaps once we find out what we're having, the spending will commence. How weird it is to think that in 4 more months, my life will be a lot different. Better of course. Still, can't play Jurrasic 5 quite as loud as I'd like to. Or watch R rated movies or do spur of the moment things.

Oh bother, I've got a headache.

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