Sunday, April 27, 2003

Being on Google's staff must be the most interesting job in the world. They get to see all the search keywords that people type into their search engines. Like someone was mentioning earlier, half the phrases I wouldn't even think about publishing on the blog, because it would seem really wrong. But here are some of the search keywords people entered into the search engine, found my site, and clicked on it anyway.

"Country Dansen" which, apparently in the Netherlands or Denmark (Sorry, I suck in geography), means Country Dancing. All I can think about is Dansen in a cowboy hat and spurs saying, "Howdy" because it also had hits for "Country and Western Dansen."

"Freak Baby Clothing." Because freaky babies doesn't mean it have to be a nudist baby.

"2 people shagging in bed and having sex" A hit from the UK, but tell me this. If you're shagging, aren't you already having sex?

And apparently, "Older Chinese Man having sex." was cross referred to me by Trenchcoat's site.

My biggest question isn't so much why people put in those query words, or why the hell they need to see older Chinese men having sex, but why they would scroll down and continue to click and visit on my link, when the description has obviously nothing to do with their searches. Oh well, different strokes for different folks.

Ha ha.

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