Friday, May 02, 2003

Yes, I think it has been two years since my last entry.

Sorry about that, folks, but working 15 days with one day off isn't easy, and despite being richer (and quite happy about the money), I still long for my three days off and my sanity, thank you very much. Even my iMac has expressed its remorse by being weird and fussy. Franklin no longer recognizes me, and doesn't wake me up in the mornings with his whine and wet nose. It's going to take a lot of love to go through the recovery process, but I will prevail.

Finally, the North Bellingham Fred Meyer opened to a grand fanfare of... 15 customers. They got the greatest ovation from the staff ever for being at the premises at seven in the morning. And the first 100 folks did get rewarded for it. They got a bag of lower priced groceries (pasta, bobble-head Mickey, pasta sauce, and other strange things.) and a lottery ticket from the folks at Mega Millions, and free coffee from SBC. I spent most of the grand opening day being the most well paid courtesy clerk, bagging groceries and retrieving carts, because they put me on the schedule without giving me an actual assigned task. When my shift was over, it was like this huge barge was lifted off my chest and I celebrated my freedom from the dreaded workforce by going home, waiting a few hours for my wife to come home, and... Going back to Freddys.

Dude, Great Clips was cutting hair for 4.99. And T-bone Steaks were 2.99 per pound. We got four steaks, grilled them on the George Foreman Grill with BBQ sauce, and completely murdered the Foreman with BBQ muck. Yeah, whatever, it was kinda fun to finally visit the store as a store, instead of a construction site. I'm glad the store is finally open and I'm on a regular work schedule with regular work tasks. It's all good now.

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