Saturday, June 28, 2003

My wife is still trying to get used to the test strips and the finger poking. I feel tremendously bad for her because I myself cringe everytime blood is drawn, or when I have to get poked by nurse or otherwise. I'm a certified wimp, which is acceptable to my ego.

Ever since I got my foot punctured by a nail, it's not a big secret that I will actually go into a shock-like state whereby I sweat up a storm, am cold to the touch, and have no absolute muscle control. I would imagine that when our son has his shots I will be wincing like a monkey about to get pinched in the nads.

All right, I suppose an alternative metaphor could have sufficed.

Sometimes the template really aggravates me.

Sorry for the new look again. I was having so many problems with my blog not showing correctly on my browser (Safari, which is Apple's default and soon to be only browser, since Explorer will not make any more additional browsers for Mac.) that I decided to revamp it. Of course, whenever that happens, a lot of information inevitably gets dropped. Please be patient about the renovations.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted.

Well, the going-ons in this house.

The biggest thing that's happened in the last few days:

Now that time has offered some perspective, the baby's room doesn't look too bad, although there's still a lot to be done. When I was at a wedding last Sunday, my wife, inspired by "Trading Spaces" and it's spinoff, "While you were Out", decided to paint the baby's room. Which is not really a problem if we didn't rent the place, but that's all moot now. It's still a work in progress and our hallway is cluttered with furniture, which seems not to be bothering me that much.

In bigger news, my wife finally got the results back from the glucose test, and she does have gestational diabetes. Which I understand is a type of diabetes that is fairly common in pregnant women, but has to be regulated with diet because all the sugar in her blood, that is also going to the baby, causes the baby to have sugar in his blood as well, and being how he's just an infant, doesn't really have the ability to burn it off. So the baby could be overweight, or worse, develop judice or have late onset diabetes.

My wife has to see a nutritionist this Friday, but I can't go because work will have me for training, but I think everything should work out just fine. She just told me that it's really hard for her because she's got to avoid chocolate now, but she lives for it. I feel bad for my sweetie.