Sunday, November 21, 2004

Antonio Banderas is Mad at Me.

It's odd that he would figure into my dream - after all it's not like I'm a big fan of the guy. But I think it's because I was watching Concrete TV right before bed last night, and my brain was pretty much mush and media saturated. Watching clippets of violence and blurred nudity and weird gay footage cut rapidly to hard rock will do it to you.

Anyway, Mr. Banderas was teaching a class or something, and at one point he either told a joke or something funny happened. I think actually he was mocking me and I did the comedy spit take with water all over his face. He hit me or something and then I proceeded to fake kick him in the nuts. Then we just went on along the day but I sensed that he was quiet, just kinda being polite but not awfully talkative. So anyway, this went on for a while until someone was singing in Spanish outside the door. Some kind of Spanish opera or folk song, and then Antonio brightened up and started singing a duet to it. I was guessing that it was someone in particular, and true enough, Kevin Kline comes walking in the door. They greet each other and Kevin, and Antonio proceeds to tell me that he didn't appreciate me spitting water on his face, which then I apologized profusely.

Then I woke up.

And now I'm all wigged out about the stupid dream. Oh well, I could be dreaming about the Wiggles.