Friday, February 24, 2006

My new guilty pleasure?

Driving a forklift around.

I know, I've got a college degree and I'm driving a forklift around to stack and life heavy things, not exactly the best use of all the money I put into my education, but at the same time - it's fun.

The last couple days the guys who are usually around during the days have been off, so I've been called on to drive the forklift. Last night I got a bonus round because a truck full of plants came in, and I needed to fork some pallets onto the truck so that the vendor could unload onto the pallets.

That's right, outside forking.

It's like Nintendo, on a much bigger scale.

But I hope it eases up today, because I'm really behind on my regular work.

Maybe just a little forking. Before the weekend.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Poor Alex. He has a viral infection.

My wife took him in today because he's had his cold for far too long, and her hunch was right. Now he has to take medicine, which he doesn't really mind too much because it's bubble gum flavored. Tonight I gave him a dropper of the pink stuff, and then gave Zoe some apple juice in the same dropper so that she wouldn't feel too left out.

Not really much to post about. I'm worried about my job because I've heard rumors that my position may be altered in the near future, some weekends and some more stupid busy work. Any thoughts about quitting are pretty much quashed by the fact that I'm so inexperienced at other things. Not technical and experienced enough to be a video editor, not experienced enough to be a writer, not experienced enough to be an auditor, a receiver, or anything that I've done before. So I keep going back to my original plan - don't worry about a career in other things, focus on your filmmaking. That's your calling. You may suck at it, but at least you're too passionate about it to tell the difference.

Spend a good amount of time on the forklift today, which wasn't too bad since I couldn't do much receiving with the computer being extremely slow and everything. I really do like my job, and it sucks that it may be a different position altogether in the near future. I do find that at times, I just sit around and tinkle with nothing, but at the same time, I'm trying my best to avoid the retail aspect of this retail job, and this position is very good at doing that.

Oh well, I should get my mom from the bus stop. Play some DS while waiting for her.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Random Things

I used to have this fear, that if I didn't write in a really long time and have a dry spell of non-writing, that I would be unable to come up with anything. Right now, it seems as if it's becoming true. Oh well. I suppose I just have to get back into the habit of writing.

This post however, does come to you via a new machine, my new Mac Mini. I had to get one because the iMac that's been with me for five years have been on its way out, and I found out that the cost of replacing the component would cost from 3 to 4 hundred buckaroos. The guy advised that it wasn't worth it, so I got the mac mini instead. The reason why I did not get a new iMac, believe it or not, is because of the switchover. I didn't know if my version of Final Cut Pro would run on a Intel chip well, and I'd hate to find out the hard way. Anyway, even though it's a little behind on the standards, the mac mini is still about 3 to 4 times faster than what I did have. So that's an improvement for sure.

I'm feeling particularly overwhelmed by all this stuff that's going on. Weddings to do, working 40 hours at a job that was pretty damn stressful last week, and children to take care of. I love my children very much, and they're definitely the most important reason why I get up every morning. This morning in fact, Alex climbed into bed and said, "Hi Daddy", and gave me a big hug. He even said, "I kiss you" and gave me a kiss. He doesn't even know what that does to me. It makes me proud of him, it makes me a very happy Daddy, and he's racking up credit for all the teenagery things that he'll put me through later on in life.

Zoe's sweet too, she's a bit on the wackier side, kissing my picture on the phone and kissing my picture on the picture frame, but generally ignoring me when I try to kiss her. She's a sweetie though. All tonight I was giggling at her because we got the kids a play tent at Ikea and whenever Zoe's in there, her hair drifts up like a Chia pet due to my archnemesis, Static Electricity.

I am not kidding, I've really been hating static lately. I've avoided waiting my fleece altogether no matter how cold I get, because I'm sick of shocking my children when I touch them. Damn you, static electricity! Try kissing your children and having your lips shocked. That's one way I'd rather not traumatize my kids, thank you very much.

I caved and bought The Corporation's keyboard today. Apple has a pretty expensive keyboard with a few extra buttons, and I thought that it was time to upgrade to a full-size, multimedia keyboard, so that I can be a fancy pants and do some kind of fancy dance. So I went to Microsoft's keyboard for 99 cents more. It's not bad actually.

Alright, I'm boring myself.