Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I've developed a habit of bringing my laptop into work, which is quite a retail-centric environment whereby people don't usually bring laptops into work. Thing is, I don't really get a chance to be on the computer except the couple hours of free time I have after the kids go to bed, and the time I have to go to bed. I'm not kidding, I have about a maximum of 3 hours every week night to do something that remotely resembles "Me" time. And when I have a wedding or photo montage, that's about most of my "Me" time right there.

I can't do much with the laptop at work except blog offline and maybe write some email replies, but it's definitely more productive than watching Jerry Springer on TV. I swear I could've hurled that TV out the window yesterday. It's horrible watching people's ugly human nature televised on national TV. I'm not easily offended, and that show offends me to no end. It's just such an ugly environment.

So I'm sitting here, blogging at work and occasionally pressing buttons on my iPod, which is resting in my breast pocket of my dress shirt. And I just realized that whenever I cranked up the volume through my shirt, it looks a lot like I'm twirling my nipples. Which is why I will keep doing it.

I've been a little bummed that I haven't had a free moment to work on my script, and that it's still swirling in development hell in my brain. Oh well. At least I have stupid things like the news of HD-DVD to keep me occupied.

Which is interesting because if you haven't been following, there are two next generation DVDs coming out, the DVD-HD which is already on its way, with a 500 dollar player and available titles, and Blu-Ray, which is retarding a little with the delay of PS3. I personally think that Blu-Ray is more awesome, but I wonder if it'll survive on its own. Who knows. I do think that in the next few years, that just means that I'm in line for an upgrade soon. Some people will need their weddings in HD, on HD-DVD, so that they can watch it on their plasma LCD TVs. But you know me, I never argue with new equipment.

Well, enough blabbering. I'm quite happy that it's a nice day today. Might take the kids out later and get some more photos.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter doesn't have any religious significance in this house, what with us being Godless people and all. But at least we're not chowing down on chocolate crucifixes or watching homosexual tendencies in young dashunds.

Oh wait.

Easter was a pretty interesting affair - we went to a egg-hunting event - a first for both kids since last year it was too rainy and Zoe was too young to go on one. We paid for this event, which was usually free in Bellingham but I guess money going to the Senior Centre isn't necessarily a bad thing. They got their faces painted, played a few activities, and then I waited in the breakfast line. Of course, the egg-hunting began prematurely, and I lost my place in line.

The kids did relatively well during the 0-3 year old egg hunt, which was basically a patch of grass with unobscured eggs laying everywhere. All the kids had to do was to step forward, and pick up all the eggs in the yard. Alex got a pretty good share of it, though the little girl next to him was a little shy about it, so I told Alex to give her an egg. Which he did graciously, though he was probably wondering why he had to give an egg to someone he didn't know.

Zoe and my wife went to another area and they fared well also, and in the span of less than 5 minutes, it was pretty much over. Wasn't so much of a hunt, more like a egg rush, with greed being the motivating factor. Of course, the organizers of the even decided to put mostly hard candy in the eggs, so I bet all the 0-3 year olds had their stash replaced with something less of a choking hazard.

I was back in the breakfast line again, about half an hour before we got our modest servings of egg, ham, and pancakes.

Later in the afternoon, we hid a bunch of eggs around the house with a copious amount of jellybeans and M and M's, and they were a lot of fun to watch. Alex provided a running commentary while cracking open the eggs and eating the jellybeans inside.

"Gasp! Brown raisin!"
"No, it's a jellybean, buddy."
"Gasp! Brown jellybean. Not raisin. Mmmm. It's jellybean. Yes."

Of course, that amount of sugar lead to some erratic behavior all weekend - including a crying tirade that couldn't be consoled, followed by a sudden change in emotion whereby he was just cracking up laughing at... whatever. Zoe tended to handle the candy a little more in stride. She didn't have as much of an adverse effect by the sugar, she just looked like she was enjoying her jellybeans.

Yesterday we spent the majority of the day at my mother-in-law's, who got a cute new puppy that had that puppy bounce in his steps, perfect for pouncing on my brother-in-law's dashund, who was also recently acquired. This is in addition to another dashund who was already living in the house, and another dog that looks like a mutated mop, and very much smelled like one too.

Because I had spent so much time last week just being exhausted, sitting on the couch and doing absolutely nothing rendered me sleepy for most of the visit, napping through a neighbor's visit and pretty much whenever nobody was talking to me. I did however, regretfully see the two new dogs discover a fun new game called genital licking.

See, the male puppy still had nursing instincts, and the older dashund was a male who probably didn't mind a little muscle swirling around his wang. They were quite involved in the frolicking, struggling, and licking of parts that my brother-in-law commented that it was like Brokeback Mountain: Dog Edition.

The kids had yet another hunt with hard-boiled eggs at my mother-in-law's, which brought the grand total to 3 hunts in two days. They were completely exhausted by the time they got home, and I was estastic at all the cool photos I took with my new camera. Some of them were just exceptionally clear and vivid, making me so darn happy that I wish I had a puppy around.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Fifth Eye is now upgraded. New look, new photos with my new camera, taken with my new bionic arm.

Twannnnnngggggg. (Six Million Dollar Man sound effect here.)