Saturday, May 22, 2004

Jerry Seinfeld pitches American Express Cards with Superman here.

Just came back from my friend Adrian Clarke's performance at the Wild Buffalo, and it was excellent. I did some shooting for him while he performed his set, but honestly, I'm a little deaf and headachey right now because it didn't occur to me that standing a few feet in front huge speakers was probably not a great idea. Oh well. I'll post some pics later.

Finally done encoding the Mother's Day video after I started on Monday. I'm talking non-stop, 24 hour encoding. But it's done, and I'm happy. Gonna burn myself three copies, for my mom, her mom, and my mom. I also suckered up and got a "Freedom Pass", which allows me to rent crazy amounts of movies from Blockbuster, Got "Matchstick Men" out, think we're going to enjoy that!

Well, enough rambling.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Just tested Photoblogger, which is pretty cool except that I have to be on the PC to post my pictures. Also, I don't know what happens if they decide to start charging. Hmm. How long does free last anyway?

A Doctor Story

I had to go to a new doctor in order to continue my allergy prescription today, and my new doctor did something so baffling and human that I have to share it with everyone. Here's a dramatic reenactment. I will be played by Chow Yun-Fatt while the part of the Doctor will be played by Doogie Howser.

Doctor: Have you tried Flonase?
Me: No, it makes everything taste funny. Or it may just be me.


Doctor: This is Alavert, a different type of nasal spray. Group Health will pay for that. I don't think it smells. But let's see.

(Doctor removes the spray from the box, and squirts it in the air. A steady stream flies out of the nozzle.)

Doctor: Whoa.
Me: ...

(Doctor squirts it again, sending a spray into the air. He walks into the mist as a girl would do with her perfume.)

Doctor: No, it doesn't smell like anything.
Me: Hmm.

(a beat.)

Doctor: Did I just do what I think I did?


Doctor: My eyes are burning.

Me: Hee hee.

So, there's my story. Even if it was a 25 dollar co-pay, it was worth seeing a doctor cause temporary blindness in himself with an allergy nasal spray.

This is our missing cat.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

My poor wife.

While I was at work, hustling to catch up on the work that I left behind yesterday, my wife was at the doctor, getting her toe tugged and set by the doctor. She apparently was screaming and poor Alex got sorta upset that Mommy was being tortured. She was in a lot of pain, and in retrospect, I probably should've taken the day off to be with her, or at least to watch Alex.

The doctor said that the ER folks pretty much put a band-aid on her toe and that was it. She was pretty upset that the fracture was treated so slightly, and seemingly gave her such ill advice. So my wife is off work for the next ten days, which is kinda nice cause I'll get to see her a little more.

In Alex news, he's learning to say, "Ba!" a lot, and it's awfully cute because he says it repeatedly in many different ways. He's also learning to scream every once in a while when he gets excited, at the very top of his little voice. I get a little embarassed in public when he does that, but there's not a lot I can do about it. I could always do it louder and higher pitch.

This Little Piggy... Went to the ER.

See Wife? You can always count on me on a good pun.

So, yesterday (I should go to bed, I work in about 8 hours here) was unofficially Clown Day for me. Everything was just completely awry, just weird to the hilt with a bunch of uncommon stuff just happening. Work was going okay, except I was being extra talkative, therefore missing the manager's meeting once again, and then having to deal with the Pepper Jack Tortilla roll I had for breakfast. Word of advice: Don't.

So after my lunch, I walked back to my desk to resume my work day, when my wife called me and told me that she might've broken her little toe. Apparently, the stroller she's been stubbing her toe into for the past two times finally succeeded in its evil quest to squash my wife's toe, and I had to rush home to rescue her.

We took her and Alex, who suddenly increased his drool flow threefold, to the ER whereby we waited. And waited. For some reason, we were feeling a little goofy so we came across as a clown couple quite a bit, joking around and being just goofy all around. We never saw the same nurse/doctor twice, and we saw about 6 different people, and got some x-rays.

As you can see, that is seriously messed up. So my poor wife is a little gimpy right now, and I've been doing as much as I can to help out with getting her food, ice cream, and some more ice cream. My Clown Day continued for the rest of the night, but for brevity, it was nothing major. We put up notices of Wilbur being missing, and hopefully someone will see something, or figure out that the stray they took in actually belongs to someone in the neighborhood. With that, I'm going to bed, folks.

Created a new look, after being enormously impressed with Syrinx's new look. It's greenish, modeled after my wife's beautiful eyes.

(Ding. Point scored.)

It's softer, got a little more color, and very easy on the eye, hopefully. All the goodies are still intact, so enjoy!

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

We're a little bummed out right now because Wilbur, our black and white cat, has been missing for about two days now. We don't really remember seeing him on Sunday, and only yesterday did we realize that he wasn't around. We'll be posting some flyers out, hopefully he's just temporarily adopted by some kid or something. My wife's really bummed out about it, and Franklin is definitely acting really odd. He keeps acting restless, wanting in and out as if he's looking for Wilbur. Well, here's to a cat home and safe.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Here's some happy photos!

Is it just me or does he look a little too self-satisfied?

My son, the pirate.

Such a happy diaper boy!

He seems deservedly proud of himself!

It is so nice to be able to sleep in any possible position.

For the last time, boy, no elbows on the table...

Yes, I did gel up his hair...

...And this is what he thought of it.